“How to Jump Start your Exhibiting Success” is an online trade show training program that’s a treasure trove of practical and effective strategies. This program contains potent real-world solutions you can easily implement to rejuvenate your stagnant trade show exhibits. 

It’s an ideal program for novices dipping their toes into exhibiting. Moreover, veteran exhibitors who want to improve their trade show performance by updating their knowledge will appreciate the in-depth training material.

“How to Jump Start your Exhibiting Success” makes learning fun and engaging by breaking down complex exhibition principles. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:  

  • 16 modules covering the essentials of planning an exhibition, managing your exhibit, and following up on leads after the show. 
  • Four resource-rich modules with checklists, videos, and helpful reports.
  • Four review modules to help you internalize training material
  • Complete transcripts that capture vital information from every module for future reference
  • A high-value “Certificate of Achievement” when you complete the training

Training Objectives:  

This course will teach you how to:

  • Implement the five fundamental planning principles in formulating your exhibit marketing plan.
  • Leverage effective goal-setting techniques to craft practical, measurable, achievable goals for your trade show.  
  • Set up an exhibit that meets market demand and generates awareness while aligning with your brand’s image. 
  • Create unique pre-show promotions that impact prospects, set your brand apart and maximize the flow of prospects to your booth. 
  • Utilize effective promotional tools to optimize booth traffic, generate brand awareness and cultivate a positive brand image
  • Increase your conversion rates by using attractive and affordable giveaways to promote brand awareness after the show
  • Train motivated, customer-oriented staffers who can implement the fundamentals of exhibit selling to nudge customers along your sales pipeline.
  • Hold productive pre-show meetings that motivate your team, encourage resourcefulness and provide tips on avoiding costly exhibiting mistakes.
  • Leverage an intuitive “show leads pay off” system to optimize your follow-up process and maximize your conversion rates after the show.  
  • Accurately evaluate your trade show performance using a dependable and easy-to-use analysis system. 

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