Trade Show Training

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The ExhibitSmart System (Webinar or Live)

Give Me 3 Hours – And I’ll Give You a Trade Show Team You’ll Be Proud Of!

Often the only factor differentiating companies with similar quality products/services from their competitors is their staff. Your people are your ambassadors. Everything they say and do can make or break relationships with customers, competitors and advocates.

  • How prepared are your people to work in this unique selling environment?
  • How suitable are they to represent your organization?
  • How effective are they at qualifying prospects?

Trade Show

In this powerful trade show training session you’ll discover valuable information, high-powered skills, techniques and insider secrets to master  the unique, high-pressured trade show environment.  This session is packed full of practical, easy-to-use information to help your people work more efficiently and effectively on the show floor…giving you the results you want.

A must for novice exhibitors and a good way to brush up on skills and techniques for the well-seasoned exhibitor.

You’ll end the session ready to put these potent strategies to use.

Sample Program Contents:

17 Surefire Ways to Exhibiting Success

Goal:  To focus is on practical ideas that get immediate results

Typical areas covered include how to:

  • Create a warm first impression that’s so welcoming visitors won’t want to leave your booth
  • Instantly spot legitimate prospects among a sea of time-wasting tire kickers
  • Make the first contact, using a low-key technique to start a productive dialogue
  • Skillfully direct conversation to create and maintain a high-quality identity
  • Develop dynamic, customer-focused booth staffers
  • Qualify prospects who could benefit and learn more about you products/services.
  • Develop and learn to ask powerful questions that help educate customers and prospects.
  • Master non-verbal communication and use it to make – not break relationships and your image in the market place
  • Control your visitors’ attention using proven behavioral techniques
  • Develop presentations that prospects will talk about for days
  • Implement professional closing techniques that open the door for future “touches” with customers and prospects
  • Optimize traffic flow, you can maximize the number of qualified, interested prospects you meet.
  • Diplomatically handle window-shoppers and snooping competitors

And much, much more…

All programs are customized and available in half-day and full-day formats. At special request, The Tradeshow Coach will create and produce customized learning systems for in-house use.

Don’t delay – Call today to schedule your training and you will receive $247 worth of free stuff to help guarantee your tradeshow success!


“One-on-One Coaching by the Tradeshow Coach is simply the fastest road to success with your exhibiting efforts…we managed a 30% increase in our show effectiveness.”

Don Frost, Marcom Manager
Buckworth, Inc.

They say there are no guarantees in the tradeshow exhibiting business. But, I disagree. In fact, here are three:

1. I guarantee that if you do not thoroughly know and understand why you’re investing thousands of dollars in one of the most powerful marketing vehicles around, you’ll be wasting your time.

2. I guarantee that if you don’t allow enough time for planning and have the right plan, you be throwing money to the wind. A trade show could be your one chance to connect with your prosepects all year. It’s important that you hit a home run!

3. I guarantee that if you don’t know and practice the 4 P’s of Exhibit Marketing, it’s like playing Russian roulette. Maybe you will be successful or maybe you won’t. Are you willing to gamble?

Discover the 4 P’s Right Now!
Listen to this Short 60-Second Overview

How is coaching different than my books, CD’s or other methods of training?

I’ll work with you one-on-one to help you:

  • Kick a stalled program into high gear
  • Stay on top of exhibit planning responsibilities
  • Discover simple easy-to-use systems to generate more targeted sales leads at shows
  • Follow-up with those leads and close more sales after the show is complete
  • Handle difficult and important exhibit team relationships

Each program is customized to your business, guaranteed to meet or exceed your tradeshow goals and stay on scheduled too.


Choose What Coaching Program is Right for You:

Option 1: Foundation Program
Designed to help exhibitors identify a course of action to help their tradeshow success. Or, for exhibitors needing and/or wanting some last minute help with their tradeshow program.

Format: 4 one-hour sessions via the telephone.

Option 2: Masters Program (Most Popular!)
Designed for exhibitors wanting and/or needing a more in-depth approach to their before, at and after show planning. Guaranteed to help develop fast-trackers and high performing exhibitors who often need an objective, neutral sounding board to discuss challenges, and opportunities.

Format: 3-month working relationship customized for your business.

Option 3: Executive Program
Designed for the super serious exhibitors who want and/or need a more in-depth approach to their before, at and after show planning on an ongoing basis.

Format: 6-month working relationship customized for your business.

All individual coaching sessions are approximately one hour in length and are delivered via telephone.

Contact Susan Friedmann NOW for a free, no pressure consultation to see if the Tradeshow Coach is right for you!

“WOW! I have participated in and planned tradeshows as one function of my job for over 7 years, and wonder how I managed to make it through without the help of the Tradeshow Coach. Susan really does a fantastic job in providing quality material for maximum tradeshow effectiveness. Any company that invests in attending tradeshows can not afford to go without a coach. The Tradeshow Coach is my first choice.”

Martha Janoskey, Marketing Manager
Siemens Building Technologies

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