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Jan 18

In this episode of the Tradeshow Training Minute, Susan Friedmann, CSP, The Tradeshow Coach, explains effective ways to use tradeshow giveaways.

They should be a token of appreciation. A way to say “thank you” to your prospect for visiting your booth.

See transcript below.

Tradeshow Training Minute Transcript: How to Use Trade Show Giveaways Effectively

This is Susan Friedmann, the trade show coach, with another trade show minute.
Today, I’m going to focus on giveaways. You know, those little trinkets, the tchotchkes that people give away at trade shows. Well, what’s the purpose of them?

Tthe purpose is that it’s a token of appreciation. Somebody comes to your booth, has a conversation with you, and then you give them something as a token of appreciation as a thank you.

You don’t want to leave them lying out so everybody can take them. This isn’t a free for all. It doesn’t mean that people are going to remember you just because you leave it out.

I’ve got a pot of pens in my office. I couldn’t tell you whose name is on any one of them. The most important thing to think about is, give away something that is related to your business, something that reminds people of who you are, and what you do.

Something that’s useful to them. Maybe it’s a tip sheet, maybe it’s some guidelines, such as an income tax deduction sheet, maybe it’s a white paper, a special report, such as a case study.
Things like that, people do not throw away.
Also, they’re of no use to the kids, or aunt Sally as the scrunchie, the toy, the cap, the T-shirt – those are all great, but the fact is, at the end of the day, is it going to remind people about who you are and what you do?

Think about that next time you want to give something away at a trade show.

This is Susan Friedmann, the Trade Show Coach, visit my website thetradeshowcoach.com.
Read my book, “Meeting and Event Planning for Dummies”, and I’ll see you on the next Trade Show Training Minute.

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Jun 17

In Part 1 I talked about three of the six senses or “right-brain directed aptitudes,” that Daniel Pink refers to in his best-selling book, “A Whole New Mind” – namely, design, story, and symphony.

This week I’ll share information about the other three senses, empathy, play, and meaning, and how these relate to your trade show experience.

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Jun 03

Two weeks ago, I offered you a challenge – “how to avoid being invisible on the trade show floor.”  One of the three ways I shared is to “be different.”

This week I was re-reading one of my favorite books, “A Whole New Mind,” by best-selling author, Daniel Pink. In it he claims, “we’re living in a different era, a different age.  An age in which those who “Think Different” will be valued even more than ever.”  He discusses that right-brain thinking (the creative side – think in pictures) is every bit as important now – in some cases more important – than left-brain thinking (the analytical side – think in facts and figures).

Pink further discusses “six senses” or six “right-brain directed aptitudes,” namely, design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning.

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May 20

Trade show routineSpring is a time when we brush off the winter blahs and just feel the urge to be active. It’s a time when we wake up our body, mind and spirit.

The question is how often do you exercise your exhibiting muscles?
Do you have a regular workout designed to increase your trade show dexterity and boost results?

Whether you’re looking for strength training to increase your competitive edge, flexibility to improve your marketing strategy, or just general overall fitness, a regular workout program is a must.

Find your level of fitness training in the following:

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May 18

I recently read an article in Newsweek about being invisible in different cities around the globe by just fitting in with the locals, in the way you dress and behave.

This triggered a thought about how most exhibitors display themselves at trade shows. They have similar booth displays, bland and often uninteresting graphics and an array of stuff that is simply blah!  In other words, there’s very little that jumps out at the visitor with the message “Notice Me!”

Walking down the aisle as an attendee, these exhibits blend into nothingness, and are quite simply, seem to wear the invisibility mantel with pride.  This begs the question, “is this really the role you want to play when you invest serious marketing dollars to be at the show?”

Here are three ideas to consider if you decide you want to be noticed:

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