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Apr 08

How many of your booth staffers realize that the most important message they send is communicated without a single word being spoken? Body language is a critically important element of communication. The way we hold ourselves, from posture to hand position and our proximity to our peers can determine how successful we’ll be as exhibitors.

Here’s a quick checklist. How many of the following “Sinister Six” body language habits do your staffers have? Continue reading…

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Jan 14

What’s ahead for trade shows and other marketing efforts in 2010?

Last week, I referred you to the StrongMail “2010 Marketing Trends” survey which polled more than 1,000 business leaders across a wide range of industries about their marketing plans for the upcoming year. This week I’ll continue reviewing the trends.

Trend: Everybody is jumping on the social media bandwagon. A whopping 59% of surveyed companies will be increasing their social-media budgets. How many will be spending less? A mere 3%.

Social media has become the new essential tool for marketing.

3 things this means to you:

1.  Choose the right social networks. Twitter covers almost every audience. Facebook and Myspace pages work best for products with consumer appeal. LinkedIn groups are most appropriate for BtoB marketing.

2. Stay on message. The speed and flexibility of social media can be a huge advantage, but it can also be a pitfall. Set clear guidelines for all communications, and review the messages and results regularly.

3. Use social media to support trade show exhibits. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can allow you to increase the effectiveness of your trade show appearances. You’ll reap great benefits when you integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy.

“Twitter: Best Practices and Tips”
If you’ve felt like tweeting for quite some time now, but didn’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

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Nov 12

Twitter is a fast way to reach thousands of people, but it has some issues. One is that a single tweet can easily get lost in the flood of new information. (Following Twitter has been likened to trying to get a drink of water from a firehose.) Now you can subdivide and organize your Twitter reading with a powerful new feature that will allow you to create and share smaller reading lists.

The new feature, Twitter Lists, is still in beta testing, but now is a good time to learn its secrets. You’ll find it  helpful during the peak of trade-show season. Follow these three guidelines:

1. Organize your trade show contacts with a Twitter List. Name it after the trade show, and encourage your customers to follow the list. In the frenetic trade-show atmosphere,  the list makes it easier for you to follow customers’ responses and concerns.

2. Make a list of your booth staff. Your customers can follow that list and get instant updates. It’s also a useful tool for ensuring that your staff members maintain a professional attitude even in the informal world of tweeting.

3. Have someone back at the office track the lists where your company tweets appear.  Check to see who is subscribing to your lists and your individual Twitter accounts. Track responses and complaints by list members, and deal with them immediately. That’s powerful customer service.

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Oct 01

For years, keynote speeches and major product announcements have been shown live to audiences who cannot attend a trade show. Now you can use cutting-edge technology to create streaming video from your trade show booth—and you don’t need a news van complete with photojournalists to get great results.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing how you can create professional streaming video and use it to maximize the return on your trade-show investment.

Why use streaming video? Here are five reasons:

Continue reading…

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Aug 05

Shopping carts that offer recipe suggestions as you travel the grocery store aisles. Taxi cab signs with dynamic messages that change to display advertisements carefully targeted to the neighborhood the cab’s driving through. Technology is changing the way marketing is done — and that includes the tradeshow world.

Tradeshow attendees come to the show looking for the new, the innovative, the exciting, and the inspiring. While much of this attention is obviously focused on your products and services, a certain critical aspect of the impression you make has to do with the way you present yourself as an exhibitor.

Continue reading…

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